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Coach Maya with her team at the 5k

That's a Wrap!

I anxiously waited at the finish line with the girls’ medals and when we saw the first girl on our team, I almost cried. Everytime one of the girls from our team finished I felt my heart swell and it almost felt like I was going to explode. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it felt watching these girls that I had been coaching finish this event. 

From Emotions to Transformations

I went away for college my freshman year, and to say that it was difficult would be an understatement. My first semester was great and I was making new friends, but in the second semester things took a turn. 

I had some difficult situations with some of the girls there and I used my “I feel” statements when talking to them. I didn’t even realize that I had used this Girls on the Run lesson until after. I called my mom and was telling her about the situation and I blurted out, “I even used my Girls on the Run language!”

This season I wanted to make sure that my team understands that people ACTUALLY do talk like that and it can work. That is why I asked to do the main part of our lesson. I was so excited to teach this little phrase to the girls.

Week One Done!

"Just after one week I feel like I have started to build relationships with the girls on the team and I can’t wait to keep creating deeper connections with them. I remember how much I looked up to my coaches and I want to be a role model for my team."

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Throughout this GOTR season, I will be sharing my journey as a new coach. I want to share both fun new experiences as well as reflections from my past experiences as a GOTR girl. This program has influenced my life for the better in many different ways, and I hope you follow along on this adventure. 

A Girls on the Run participant stretches at program practice to prepare for the day.

6 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Drinking enough water every day is an essential part of human health, making water the best drink choice for everyone — including growing girls. Even though it can sometimes be more tempting to reach for a sugary or caffeinated drink, when you choose water instead, your body will thank you every time.